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Available in generic 20mg tablets

Looking for a cheaper alternative to Viagra? Visit Ocala Pharmacy of Ocala, FL and purchase Sildenafil - now available in 20mg. A 20mg tablet is equivalent to a 100mg Viagra tablet. You need 2 to 5 tablets Rx Sildenafil 20mg for sexual activity.

A highly cost-effective option

You can save a lot of money when you purchase 50 Sildenafil 20mg tablets for $80 with shipping, when compared to Viagra tablets, which for ten 100mg tablets would cost you $400. You can also get Cialis 20mg for $40 from us!

Ocala Pharmacy strives to reduce costs and increase your ability to pay for your erectile dysfunction (ED) medication. Order and get FREE delivery within our service area.

Call 352-509-7890 to place your order. All orders are shipped through priority mail and received within 3 business days. Visit us at

8290 SW Highway 200

Sildenafil 20mg is FDA approved

Feel confident knowing that this generic version of Revatio is FDA approved. Even though Viagra is identical, it's not FDA approved. Nonetheless, we can't substitute any prescription written for Viagra unless authorized by the prescriber.


Prescribers can fax or EScript the prescription to

Ocala Pharmacy. Once your Rx is received, we'll contact and verify your patients, and allow them

to make their purchase.

Low-cost alternative to Viagra tablets

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